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Hello lovely person! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Mary and this is my little place in the digital world that holds some of my secrets and lays clues to my mystery. I’m going to tell you right now that you will have an experience here. Some people have visited and never returned…

Nah, you’ll find some of my work, my projects, my sillies, and my persona here in this little gem. Welcome! Your gift basket is in the mail.

About me: I’m a Jill of all trades, master of zero. I like to live life through experiences and find ways to put myself into the things that make me curious.

Basically, this here is firsthand evidence of all the things I’m merely mediocre at. Good thing I can laugh at myself and am slowly losing the need to be the best at everything.

Of course, I’ve had my share of bad and good and I’ve fought many demons along the way. I’m writing this from my perspective — a Latinx, liberal female from Texas, with a few pounds to lose and a whole lot to learn.