Two Posts In One Day – Lucky!

Yeah, yeah. Two posts. Big whoop. I’m feeling the feels tonight and I don’t know how to stop it.

I’m slightly overwhelmed. Student loans. Moving to LA. Watching as my family grows old. Missing him (I know, that one is stupid and silly but I can’t help it. I almost bought him something the other day and sometimes I find things that I want to share with him. I want to write out a message but I stop myself. I’d like this feeling to leave me in peace. But I don’t feel that I’m ready to move on. No one compares. Sometimes I think that maybe that was the best and I should at least be happy it happened. I am happy it happened, but I wish I didn’t still feel so raw.). Maybe it’s the idea of him – at least, that’s what I tell myself. I miss my friends. I miss my dog (even though he lays beside me).

There’s so many people I want to help and so many things I need to do. I feel like I’m running out of time.

The world feels like it’s burning faster and longer than ever before. I used to know what to do. I used to have so much hope. Maybe I still do. But I don’t know for how long. I do know that having all of that hope was an incredible feeling. It was easy to find solace there.

I’m scared to see what November holds. It’ll be one year since that. It’ll be two years since that other thing.

One thing is certain – I need to forge a new path. I need to keep looking forward. There’s nothing left of the past that can truly fuel me anymore. Sure, I can use it as a reference point. I can use it as a guide. But what lies ahead is much more important now. The world is changing. Time is speeding up. I’m getting closer to the end and there’s much to do.

Frustrated AF

No doubt you’ve seen the news about children being separated from their families. Every day there’s something to be upset about in this country. This “no tolerance” policy is one of the latest cruel deeds this administration feels the need to enforce. It’s sickening and happening in my own backyard.

I’ve been ignited for some time now but this has brought on a bigger urge to do something. I want to help people but I don’t know how. I want to collect clothing, toys, diapers, etc. but I don’t know if 1.) it’ll be accepted 2.) who exactly can get it to them. I’ve organized health fairs and toy drives before. I know I can do this too.

I feel like each day that passes is another opportunity lost. Where are the checks and balances?

This post is just to blow off some steam and help me gather my thoughts. I have a few connections and resources from my past foray into politics. Maybe I will start there…

Riders of Rohan, What News?

Oh, hello! I know, I know. I’ve been a bit MIA (also my code name when I was working at an airport and couldn’t find time to call my boss back – true story!). You may be wondering what news I bring. Well, I’ll tell ya. Not much. I’ve been promoted at work so that’s good. I’ve bought a wig. A lilac wig with long, flowing, curls. I’ve dated some less than savory characters who come in disguise. I’ve reconnected with some old friends. I traveled to both coasts. I’ve found some light again. I’ve seen old things in a new way. I officially became a year older. I’ve learned the true meaning of letting my torturer become my remedy. Oh, and I’m kinda into anime now. Cool stuff.