Getting To Know Me

In case you hadn’t heard, my name is Mary and I’m a lot of things. I’m young(ish) but not naive, silly, friendly, and compassionate. I used to have delibating anxiety. Now I just have anxiety. I aim to see the positive side of things and am naturally very curious. I love very freely and have gotten hurt because of it. However, I’m learning and restructuring myself so that the things life throws at me don’t bring me down. I’ve fallen plenty of times but I’ve had to get up. I’m not afraid of being vulnerable. In fact, I welcome it.

I’ve been writing plays, poems, and short stories since I was old enough to write. I was the kid with all the playlists and books and butterfly clips in her hair. I’ve flirted with dance for many years and began choreographing, directing, and managing mini-concerts since I was about 8. I have an AA in Psychology, a BA in English, Psychology, and Digital Filmmaking, and an MSc in Marketing. I crave a lot from life and am slowly learning to fall in love with it.

One part of me that I’m having to really work through is my weight loss journey. I’ve fluctuated for sure and living abroad helped in so many ways. Unfortunately, Mexican home cooking and living back in Texas hasn’t been the best for me. I’m working on it though.

This will be a fun experiment and I’m so happy you’re here. Look around, drop me a line, and have fun. HUGS!

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