Let’s Talk – Breakups!

Some things I’ve learned/been told that have helped:

  • What gives them the right to destroy my life? This is from my friend Kriti and Ines. It’s true. I’m feeling sooooo down again today. Thankfully my friend sent me this and it’s exactly what I needed to hear. He doesn’t get the right to destroy me. He doesn’t deserve my tears. He doesn’t deserve my thoughts. He didn’t want me, therefore, I no longer see him that way (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).
  • When your heart is broken is when you can let the light in. This is 100% true. This is helping me to fill those cracks with love, light, and rose gold. I think of that Japanese word about a broken bowl and how beautiful and unique things are after they’ve been broken.
  • You’ve been his cheerleader for ages, it’s about time you start cheering for yourself. When you start cheering for yourself, the world starts cheering too. I’m a naturally cheery person (for the most part) and I have the gift of bringing joy to others. It’s time I do it for myself.
  • Hope. Life goes on and having hope for better things will keep me from becoming a bitter person who avoids love at all costs. I’ve come so far and I think I’m only getting closer to the right person. I just need to remember to have hope and love for myself.
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