See “Sorry To Bother You”

This post is not being sponsored. See “Sorry To Bother You” now. Go! What are you waiting for?

Fine. Need some encouragement?

It’s stylish. Tessa Thompson has the best clothing/accessories. Lakeith Stanfield is excellent. Boots Riley directed it.

Incredible soundtrack.

Beautiful color palette.

People power!

The theater I was in was sold out and the audience was diverse as hell. Mormons. Older folks. Young folks. Movie people. People people. People who couldn’t find seats. Sugar daddies. Popcorn munchers. Someone with a pickle? Wonderful ethnicities. Everyone laughing. Everyone gasping. Everyone saying whaaaaaa?

Believe you me, it starts out one way and then just goes…little by little, more is revealed (or was it there all along, we just weren’t paying attention?).

Look, it’s funny. It’s original. It gets you out of the house.

Fly you fools!

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