To New Beginnings

Ah, the smell of new beginnings. It smells like sweat, sulfur because who are we kidding, sandalwood, bubblegum, a hint of incense, and hairspray. Or at least my new beginnings do.

I’ve decided to take on/continue work on a few projects that just happen to coincide with the beginning of this year. I know it’s cliche and rather annoying but here we are. Plus, I’m feeling a bit different about things this time around. I feel more aware of myself and am more in tune with what I want.

To New Beginnings – Huzzah!

To help me organize my thoughts and actions, I’ve put together my little checklist. I hope this serves me well. If anything, this is now out into the universe.

Happy New Year 2019!

Personal Projects

Art – Work on a die cut; paint another picture; practice drawing.

Writing – Write a space opera based on a Mexican folktale; completing a play; collect more stories from people to show the progression of life and record their imprint that they’ve left on the world; 3 poems a month.

Music – Listen to a new genre once a week; write a few songs on Garageband; have fun and continue attending concerts.


Physical – Gain strength; build endurance; run a mile by the end of the year; squats, squats, squats; overall body overhall/transformation.

Mental – More meditation; more positive energy; more awareness of my thoughts and the energy levels I vibe on; more self-care. Stop entertaining all of the dismal predictions and possibilities for humanity.

Emotional – Love freely but remember self-worth; be more open to possibilities; say yes to more things; allow more vulnerability and connection; more patience; continue doing things that scare me.

Spiritual – More prayer; more awareness of my energy; more awareness of checkpoints; practice affirmations.


Career – Be more organized. Be a better writer. Be a better editor. Clean up my resume. Take three courses that will build up my professional skills. Keep a checklist and calendar of events.

Furthering My Presence – Focus on continuity. Be persistent. Don’t lose my voice. Be vulnerable.

2019 – You Magnificent Bastard, You.

Overall, I will travel, do things that scare the shit out of me (literally! – my anxiety gives me tummy aches), and be more aware of my health. I’m going to focus on the self-care that has been long overdue. Also, this website is called everywherethatmarywent. I will deliver.

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